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About Newborn Sessions

In 10 years of learning newborn photography, an art that I have always called the toughest form of photography, I have gained knowledge in what works best for me and my style.

Newborn sessions are best done within 7 - 12 days new. At anytime during your pregnancy we can book a tentative date for your session and adjust as needed for your actual delivery date.


Firstly, newborn sessions will last 1 – 3 hours. Baby will need to be sleeping for the majority of images and set ups that we do. The session needs to be relaxed. Please plan for it to be a whole day endeavor. From prep at home prior to the session and then several hours of the session itself. While it is nice to have help during the session (Dad, Grandma, etc), many of my most successful newborn images are produced when it is just mom and I. All present must be relaxed and prepared for it to take as long as needed. Baby will need time to fall asleep, changed, and fed.

The shooting area will be quite warm for baby so dress accordingly. If at all possible, keep baby awake/stimulated for 1 hour prior to coming to the studio. You can either feed baby just before coming or even better when you first get here. Dress baby in loose fitting, easy to remove clothing. Bring along a pacifier. Even if baby doesn't take it or you choose not to give one, having one just for this time can be very helpful in soothing and relaxing baby.


I typically begin on the bean bag. I prefer neutral colour choices. With these images I really want to focus to be on baby. Getting baby in the various poses takes time and patience by all. For outfits, I prefer naked, or with simple pants with matching hat. I have a number of options in studio that you can choose from but I am more that happy to include any items you wish to bring with you. A sentimental blanket or teddy are perfect to add to the set up.


I then proceed to photograph baby in one of my prop baskets. Again, I choose neutral colours so baby is not lost in the set up, but rather the focus of the beautiful image. I have many baskets/boxes available. I prefer not to put baby on or in items brought by parents. The baskets I have, I feel very comfortable with and able to protect baby's safety at all times. Again, this takes time, as baby must be very sleepy to be placed safely in a basket.

If you wish to include family/sibling poses I will typically begin with those. Families with older siblings, once they are finished with their portion of the session, I ask that Dad or Grandma leave with them so that the rest of the session can be focused on the new addition. 

What should you wear? Newborn sessions are easy. Simple is best.  One solid neutral colour for everyone (brown, black, grey, navy, cream). No patterns, words on shirts, or bold colours. Textures are great like knits or lace. Baby will be wrapped for sibling poses. If baby is sleeping for family poses, he/she will be naked. If not sleeping, baby will be wrapped, so no worries about what baby should wear. I have that covered.


For Mom and Dad, be sure to eat well prior to the session or even bring along a snack. Moms, prepare Dads that it is going to take awhile. Also, bring something for you to do. Catch up on emails or messages on your phone, play a game on your tablet, relax, even take a nap while I work away with baby. In my opinion, these are the most important images of your baby's early years, and I want to be sure I can create beautiful images for you to cherish for all the years to come.

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